What You Should Know before buying Elliott Wave DNA from Nicola Delic

What You Should Know before buying Elliott Wave DNA from Nicola Delic

Even if there is a lot of buzz about Nicola Delic and Elliot Wave DNA you should know the following:

Nicola Delic looks to be a real deal – just search for him on google and you will see why. He is not only a real guy but also shares some real information to traders for free – without any charge. For example this is what I found in his latest report he shares called Dark Numbers:

Tip #1 – Limit Your Trading. We need to protect ourselves from over trading, this usually seems like something everyone ignores but how many times have you made a nice profit trading at the start of a day and returned everything to the market on the same or next day? Yes this happens to more or less everyone so try to have a daily limit for the number of positions you are going to open in a single day. This tip is mainly for Day Traders and if you are one of them try to limit your trading to no more than 3-4 trades per day and after that, step outside and do something not related to trading. Go work out at the gym, spend time with the family or go and have coffee with friends, go and do whatever you want just don’t trade!

It doesn’t matter if you are in profit or loss at the end of the day, if you are in profit that’s great! You will just protect yourself from returning your profit back to the broker. If you ended the day with a loss you will protect yourself from trying to recover those losses faster and that usually ends up going completely wrong!

Tip #2 – If there are any High Impact News Releases Tighten your Stop Losses or avoid trading at least 15 minutes before and after these events.




Tip #3 – Be A Selective Trader. You won’t always get the same amount of profit for each trade that you see on your charts so you need to be selective and trade only signals that can make you the most profit. To make it simple, define the minimum Risk To Reward that you need to follow, and that only means how much money you are risking on each trade which is equivalent to the profit you earn on each trade. Try a minimum Risk To Reward Ratio of 1:1. This means that if you risk $100 you are standing to make $100. An ideal Risk To Reward Ratio would be 1:2 which means that on a trade with a $100 risk you stand to make $200 if the trade is profitable.

Tip #4 – Keep A Trading Journal. A trading journal might sound boring to most traders and it was the same for me too but it is only after I started mine that I truly became a successful trader. I keeping adding to my journal every day. Now, the best and easiest way to start a trading journal will be to open a Notepad file and start documenting your trades. It does not need to be fancy at all, you can document your trades by writing them in this format:

Pair – Time Frame – Buy/Sell – R:R – Reason

He also shares a nice system called FibCashCompass which can be applied to all timeframes and currency pairs with equal success but he recommends only these pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, EURJPY and GBPJPY. Some of the best results are on H1 and H4 timeframes as there are fewer whipsaws and the moves are much larger. Just remember to change the DrawPeriod setting on the FIBCC2 indicator to accommodate the larger timeframes.

1. Even if you are a beginner you can find enough information to start your Forex trading and be profitable, just make sure to read the strategy in such a way that you will remember it

2. Trend is your Friend. You want that or not – this is part of any strategy and you need to learn how to recognize that. Using Forex Precog Ribbon and Precog Predictor will be easier to recognize that.

3. If you want to make cash like never before start looking at the trades within trend. Basically you will learn what is the next move when there is a trend, when it changes the direction and so on. The trend trades could be in many time-frames. Or a trade within a trend which is inside the trend.

4. You will have to wait for several different time-frames to all agree where the market is headed before entering the trade. It is important to have multiple confirmation, this way you will loose less money and increase your profit.

5. Swing Trade Trends – you will know how to spot them and how to profit from them while you are waiting for you main trade. Swings in the direction of the trend will be the one which will help you achieve profitability.

6. Trading different time-frames using only 1 chart. in order for you not to have so many charts you are goign to learn this and use only 1 chart. Forex PrecogHTF will help you doing that.

Good luck in your trading.

Michael Nurok claims he makes many people reach – but is it really like that? we advice you to take a closer look to his system and indicator he shared for everybody, below we have some interesting information from his report you can download at the link below.

“Price always experiences pullbacks in overall trend moves”.

Even in the strongest trends, price, does not move in a linear fashion.

It is constantly experiencing corrections or “pullbacks” in the market as price is affected by opposing forces and profit taking.




Therefore, it’s important to position your stops at levels that are not going to be taken out if you are already in the trade. However with this system, you can take advantage of these pullbacks by entering positions after the pullback has occurred, giving you an opportunity to minimize your risk while giving yourself an excellent opportunity to scalp pips out of the market as the price continues to move in the overall direction that has already been established.


It’s this awareness of how the market continually corrects during trends, and this system that identifies entry points with a high probability of success. It also provided me with the opportunity to scalp pips from the market with very little risk exposure to my account.


This system can generate excellent trade opportunities for you that you can take advantage of time and time again. Check it out for yourself.

Forex Precog from Michael Nurok SCAM Buster with Real Results

Michael Nurok – have you heard of him before? I do not think so. The only thing I think is that he could be worth something only because he got in the team with well known guys in Forex who promoted Russ Horn products and from what I know they offer good products.

But let’s take a look to see if that is really the case. Even if the Forex market was quite crazy in the last period there are wys to make money there. Some people are trying to move to Binary options but they fail and come back to Forex.


As we said – for real traders it is important to have some credibility before using that information, I think this is the case with Michael Nurok’s new Forex Precog system – he gives away to people first a simple strategy so they can check it and see how it works – and for now this system is called Triple Speed Profit System


Michael Nurok Interview


as you can see it has a custom indicator on bottom – but overall it is quite simple strategy and will provide you enough power and information to decide and understand who is Michael Nurok and how long he was in this business. Besides if you have an extra of 7 minutes please check his interview he is having with Adrian Jones for more details about him.



By the way – you could get a free copy of his system – all you have to do is just leave him a nice comment about what you think on his gift and some of your trading experience.


In the end I just want to tell you that this simple system he gives away is quite easy to use, and by using some small tricks you can improve your trading right away.

Russ Horn SCAM Review – Forex Income Boss

Russ Horn promises you Fast profits + Free system – Is it really so? I do not believe it till we will not check it. Let’s together try to analyze what we have and what we should do in order to be sure we are not scammed again in this Forex Market

On his page we can see that he made over 4,500.00 in one trade. To be honest this is totally possible in Forex if you have a system in place and your psychological aspect is ready for it. When I say it is ready for it I mean that you will not freak out and close the trade before your profit, or will start to recover all your lost trades with new bigger trades which is the biggest mistake in trading.


When I say all this I know it for real since I talked to many profitable traders who are there for you and are there to teach you like in any real job you need good training.


Many profitable traders know little secrets which can save your account and bring you profits from just doing nothing. When I say this it means that not entering a losing trade is also a winner. Anyway – about Russ Horn. He is a great teacher and person to talk to.




After you have a talk to him or teach one of his systems you feel confident that you can win this game, and this is very important when it comes to trading, the confidence in your actions, in your plan and everything you are going to do with your trade


Following a trading plan is very important for your long term profits. Unless you have a lot of account to blow away on Forex you are welcome to do that without a plan 🙂



Now Russ also shares proof of his system and this is very important so you can see what we are talking about. In Forex it is very important to have experience. In experience you gain confidence and psychological tests over your trades.


From my side Russ is a real deal, and this is not his first system, the previous systems also are a great deal and have good feedback, which is very important in Forex Trading.

Let me tell you few things and after this you will understand if Russ is a real deal or just another SCAM:

Russ has 15+ years of trading experience and is more then willing to teach others, he even makes new systems available for free for anyone who do not believe him.


For example this new system called SRT Profit – a simple and easy to use for any trader, even a beginer can master it within hours. And all this because of few simple things:

Russ explains very nice everything and very clear to everyone, with lots of examples and live trades, not just some information without any proof.


If you would like to know how it is to be toughed by Russ you can download it’s free system anytime, check it for yourself and see his explanation style, his way of dealing with support and so on – check what are the most important points for you so you know what to expect from him.




I guess you are tired of all these get reach schemes and now you should know that what is most important for you is learning how to it right, you can start by using this free system or just his Forex Income Boss system, whichever you want.


Now is the time to transform yourself in the successful trader you wanted to be. Opening your charts daily with good trades and good results.


From inside I found that this system was originally created to be sold, but in the end Russ said that is not about the money, it is about the people who want to become real traders.


Russ Horn helped over 7,120 traders and is more then happy to help you as well in your Forex journey to become a successful trader.

The Secret Forex Strategy from Vladimir Ribakov

Like any other successful trader Vladimir has secret forex strategy behind his profits and his success in forex trading. But it is not all about trading and secrets, it is also about consistency of trades and consistency of work ethic in order to achieve his goal.

Let’s take a closer look to his strategy called Forex Gemini Code before understanding his secret. There are few key points we can take in consideration in order to get this right and copy his success. First thing there is performance and from what we saw Vladimir is being online for quite some time already and achieved impressive results.


A good thing in here is that we can see his trading results from real account – which is really nice. Not some demo accounts – but real ones which are being made from real money and real trades which can be checked anytime.


In order to be able to do something like that you need a plan, and not only a plan but also a strategy, both of which have to be followed step by step, otherwise if you fail to follow that you will fail also to achieve your profits.


FxGeminiCode Free Download


The strategy could include either an indicator or a combination of indicators which will be used at exact time with exact rules. Vladimir was keen enough to share with us some of his strategies which are called Dynamic Triple Edge and Forex Trend Directive.


Now if you will take a look at those you will see they are very easy to follow and you could make your first trade right away and see how it will suit your trading style and your time sheet.


The good think if you decide to get his secret which is called Forex Gemini Code system is that you will get also 1 year of platinum access to his trading room where you can follow him and his trades daily without any fear of loosing a dime since you can trust a professional trader.


If your dream of trading success is somewhere far away, then with this system you can make it to be much closer and even to taste that feeling of being in power of your profits.


Becoming a winning trader is not hard – it is harder to make a consistence of it, and this is what Vlad is going to show you with his system which provides also training and real time support to your stuff.

You’ve all already know who is Vladimir Ribakov with his new system called Forex Gemini Code. Now what we have found out is that he gives us again a new system called “Forex Trend Directive” which is again at no-cost without asking anything in return. As we can see this is really strange that he is giving away so much free stuff – but to tell you – I am happy of this times and will try to benefit at maximum from it.


I will use my time to download and test this if it really works as they say – if that is true then I will be more then happy to take my money and pay Vladimir for his product and go ahead and test all of that Forex Femini Code System.


Forex Trend Directive Secret Trade


If you remember there was also another system + indicator he gave a way – called Dynamic Triple Edge. I compared both of them and to tell you – they kind of can be used together and they complement each other quite eady – without any complications I could easily combine these 2 systems and go ahead with my trading plan


Now for you I will recomend to give it a try and see how it comes with your trading style. If that compliment it then you are in a lucky spot and could consider that you found your teacher that could teach you a lot of things.


You could also have a dilema to find which one works best. But you could also check his interview and see what he also been doing arround and what you could do next. Or if you have your own personal questions you can ask them directly at his webinar which you can again join at no cost.


And yes – forgot to mention – if you want some cool gifts you can get them easily by commenting on his questions. He likes giving away free stuff. Just listen what this man has to say.


If you will listen carefully you learn the secrets behind being a profitable trader and a hedge fund manager and how you can become successful doing that.

Was lucky enough to get a copy of Forex Gemini Code from Vladimir Ribakov for his new system called Forex Gemini Code – to tell you honestly I was expecting something more from it. But let me cut to chase and show you what I have.

Before that let me tell you about him. Vladimir Ribakov is one the few traders who will tell you exactly what to expect from market and what are your real chances to succeed – not just some crazy hype by doubling your account every week – if that would be possible he will not be teaching all this stuff.



He will tell you the exact what to expect from market and when you can win an not, he has very good reputation and you can verify a lot of his track records online – to be honest there are not many traders who will show you his records over time – most of them will show you only some profitable results. Anyway – below is a screenshot of some trade we took and then I will just tell you the results.


Forex Gemini Code Preview


The profit I got from using this system is around 20-30% per month – which is really good for traders – especially if you are consistent it is more then enough to get you reach and provide the necessary income over time. Now I was expecting to have around 50% but after this I realized that is way too much and there are very little chances to do that


Anyway – I am happy with the product – he knows what he is talking about and he is more then willing to share his experience with you. Since he is so successful in hedge fund trading you should know that he is trading with thousands of dollars daily – and this is not an easy way to do that. It all comes from practice and you should be ready to loose your temper when it is not working for you. If you want to be as profitable as him and increase your win rate make sure to follow his advices promptly

How to trade using Rapid Trade Finder indicator from Toshko Raychev NSOFT

Now many of you know that there is a lot of talking about the new product from Toshko Raychev called New Science of Forex Trading, and not only this one but also a lot of great stuff and info from him. Most of the stuff he gives away is totally free and will not cost you anything – this is so great that I can’t wait to share this information with you. First of all let’s take a look at the simple and nice indicator calle Rapid Trade Finder.


All you have to do is just download it, install and start using, just as simple as that, nothing more. Now below you have the rules they offer, I will start with the Buy Entry rules, the short entry are just the oposite.


Rapid Trade Finder Strategy



1. Wait for the indicator to turn blue and for an uptrend arrow to appear.

2. As soon as price goes into the blue area and touches it and even if it closes inside it’s even better.

3. As soon as there is a white arrow on chart an BUY order can be placed

4. Go few pips below the blue area of indicator and place your Stop Loss

5. Double or place the same amount as your SL for the Take Profit

6. Alternatively you can trail your profit using the lower band of the indicator for bigger profits


Basically the strategy is very simple, and for some traders which are already in the market you can go ahead and use it and adapt to your trading style, or even add some filters.


For example what I did is using a trend-line break before entering the order – filters some bad signals. And on some occasions the RSI also helps. But the most effective ones were the confirmation from important levels of support and resistance – if they come together they are of a great help


Good Luck in your trading and make sure to use it at your own risk.

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