Trading plan 21 – August 25, 2017

Trading plan 21 – August 25, 2017
The general picture: we expect the growth of volatility. In the center of attention is the meeting of the heads of the Central Bank in Jackson Hole. The week begins nervously: on Monday the military exercises of South Korea and the US will start, this can cause a new explosion of tension around Korea. While markets do not fall much, but tension has grown.
Of the expected events, the most important is the meeting of the heads of the world’s largest securities in Jackson Hole, in Canada – on Thursday and Friday, August 24-25. We look forward to the speeches of the heads of the ECB and the Fed. Fed Chairman Yellen will speak on Friday August 21 at 17.00 Moscow time. On Friday, the markets can actively win back orders for US durable goods at 15.30 Moscow time. The feature of the moment is probably a strong movement, but up or down (in dollars) – almost 50 to 50.
Formed a narrow consolidation within the following boundaries: – Daily scale 1. 1660 – 1.1790 – Weekly scale 1.1660 – 1.1910 Formally, EURUSD remains in the growth trend, but considerable distance is already made possible as a strong pullback (up to 1.1500) or even a downward turn – if there are Important news factors. At the same time, a new strong wave of growth is quite possible – a breakthrough to the top of 1.1790, then a breakthrough of 1.1910 – and a rate of 1.2000. Moreover, in the field of the week, both a strong upward movement and a strong pullback are possible. We will buy at the break of 1.1790 and sell below 1.1660

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