Scotiabank: speculators sell dollar and buy euro, luny and yen

As follows from the latest CFTC data, in the week to August 8 speculators continued to increase their net short position on the dollar (+ $ 4.5 bn), which is now $ 15.6 bn (the highest value since 2013).
A tangible contribution to this event was made by the increase in net long for the luni (+ $ 1.7 billion) to almost $ 5 billion (a record since January 2013). Speculators continued to close short positions, but new routes opened even faster Recall that just three months ago speculative positioning on the Canadian dollar was extremely bearish.
As for the yen, here the reduction in net shorts was due to the closure of short positions, while the gross-long volume remained fairly stable.
Speculators continued to increase net long in euros (+ $ 1.6 bn), which has now risen to a record since 2011, the value of 93,600 futures contracts.
In other major currencies nothing interesting happened, and speculative positioning on them is mostly neutral.

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