Scotiabank: speculators earned, putting on the growth of the euro. Pound – the main outsider

As follows from the latest CFTC data, in the week to August 22, the net short speculative position on the dollar fell by $ 0.5 billion to $ 13.8 billion, while the euro and pound suffered the biggest changes in positioning, the first of which was bought by speculators, and the second one was sold. The net position in the lunis and Aussies almost did not change, however, speculators reduced the risk by closing both longs and shorts. There was nothing remarkable in kiwi, Mexican peso, franc and yen. Euro remains the most purchased currency, followed by Aussie, Luni, Peso and Kiwi.
The volume of net long luny remains high ($ 4.1 billion), but for the second week in a row speculators carefully fix profit, reducing risk. The growth of the net long position in the euro offset some of its decline a week earlier and was mainly due to the opening of new longs. The volume of the long gross position on a single currency returned to the area of ​​historic highs, reached two weeks ago.
The main obvious outsider of the week was the pound, whose net shorts grew by $ 1.1 billion (up to $ 3.7 billion), of which $ 0.9 billion fell to new short positions. Thus, the mood of speculators on the pound deteriorated for four of the past five weeks.

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