Scotiabank: speculative sentiment on the dollar improved for the first time in two months

As follows from the latest CFTC data, the week before August 15 was held by the speculators fixing profit on the lunis, euros and kiwis, as well as accelerating the rate of liquidation of short positions in the yen. As a result of these events, the volume of net shorts for the dollar declined for the first time since mid-June, and speculative positioning in major currencies looks like this: euro, aussia, loonie, Mexican peso and kiwi are bought, yen and pound are sold, and the franc is neutral.
For the first time since the end of May, according to the results of the week, net sales were observed in the loon (mostly long positions were closed), however the volume of pure long is still high by historical standards.
The net sale of the euro was also due to the liquidation of long positions, however, as in the situation with the loonie, the volume of net long in a single currency remains high.
For the fourth week in a row, there was a reduction in the net short position in the yen, and recently this process has significantly accelerated.

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