Ron Paul: the US stock market could collapse by 50%, the collapse will begin in October

According to Ron Pol ( a former member of both chambers of the US Senate and a presidential candidate in the 1988 elections, widely known for his desire to audit the Fed), a political impasse in Washington could seriously upset Wall Street.
“Reducing the market by 50% is quite possible, and I do not think that until such a collapse there are ten years. Rather, less than a year, “Mr. Paul told CNBC. “Washington is in chaos, the president is torn to pieces. If the market falls tomorrow, and depression comes, this will not be the fault of Donald Trump. During those 6 months that he holds the post of US president, it is impossible to create all these problems. They accumulated over the past 6-10 years, since the Fed keeps rates too low for too long. The situation in the stock market may deteriorate sharply in October. Our system is on the sand, and a big wind is approaching, which will blow it off. ”

We note that earlier Ron Paul expressed the opinion that the market overestimates the strength of the American economy.

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