Nomura increases forecasts for the rate of the pound to the dollar and the euro

NomuraCurrency strategists at Nomura raised their forecast for the pound-to-dollar exchange rate at the end of this year from $ 1.32 to $ 1.40 after the Bank of England hinted that in the coming months it might become necessary to tighten monetary policy. In addition, the report of the bank’s experts says that:
the forecast for the pound / dollar at the end of 2018 is also increased from $ 1.39 to $ 1.45;
the forecast for the euro / pound at the end of this year is lowered from stg0.95 to stg0.89;
it is recommended to sell the euro / pound for the purpose of stg0.87 on the eve of the October speech of Therese May on the issue of Brexit.

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