Goldman Sachs: bitcoin will grow to $ 4,800, and then become cheaper to $ 3,200

Goldman Sachs experts do not yet dare to give a trade recommendation on bitcoin, which, however, does not prevent them from analyzing the technical picture and making a prediction.
Tonight, the chief technical analyst at Sheba Jafari Bank raised it to $ 4,800, citing the $ 4,827 mark as a projection of 261.8% of the movement from the 2015 low to the highs this year, measured from recent lows of about $ 2,000.

“As soon as this bovine five-wave cycle is completed, bitcoin should theoretically enter the correction stage,” writes Ms. Jafari. “This correction should take at least a third of the time it took to implement the impulse phase, and play at least 38.2% of the total movement. From current levels, this goal will be approximately $ 3,221. ”

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