Forex Trend Dominator Download

Forex Trend Dominator Download

Another promising system in the name of Forex Trend Dominator. We use this EA on MT4 current build platform. In the section 7 of the manual, you can find the instructions when to buy and when to sell. It comes with many indicators that traders must understand to get the feel for trading this kind of system.

Yesterdays trade I made on M15 have made a lot of profitable transactions. As a scalper, I got in and out with few pips for me to learn more about trading using the dominator.



TO be able to test if the indicators in this package is indeed good, you must try this instead of viewing the pdf instructions only. In this way you may know which timeframe is doing higher using mw macd set at 15 and add another set at 45 to 50 trade only in direction of longer mw macd.


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