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The Secret Forex Strategy from Vladimir Ribakov


Like any other successful trader Vladimir has secret forex strategy behind his profits and his success in forex trading. But it is not all about trading and secrets, it is also about consistency of trades and consistency of work ethic in order to achieve his goal.


Let’s take a closer look to his strategy called Forex Gemini Code before understanding his secret. There are few key points we can take in consideration in order to get this right and copy his success. First thing there is performance and from what we saw Vladimir is being online for quite some time already and achieved impressive results.



A good thing in here is that we can see his trading results from real account – which is really nice. Not some demo accounts – but real ones which are being made from real money and real trades which can be checked anytime.


In order to be able to do something like that you need a plan, and not only a plan but also a strategy, both of which have to be followed step by step, otherwise if you fail to follow that you will fail also to achieve your profits.


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The strategy could include either an indicator or a combination of indicators which will be used at exact time with exact rules. Vladimir was keen enough to share with us some of his strategies which are called Dynamic Triple Edge and Forex Trend Directive.


Now if you will take a look at those you will see they are very easy to follow and you could make your first trade right away and see how it will suit your trading style and your time sheet.



The good think if you decide to get his secret which is called Forex Gemini Code system is that you will get also 1 year of platinum access to his trading room where you can follow him and his trades daily without any fear of loosing a dime since you can trust a professional trader.


If your dream of trading success is somewhere far away, then with this system you can make it to be much closer and even to taste that feeling of being in power of your profits.


Becoming a winning trader is not hard – it is harder to make a consistence of it, and this is what Vlad is going to show you with his system which provides also training and real time support to your stuff.




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