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Russ Horn SCAM Review – Forex Income Boss

Russ Horn promises you Fast profits + Free system – Is it really so? I do not believe it till we will not check it. Let’s together try to analyze what we have and what we should do in order to be sure we are not scammed again in this Forex Market


On his page we can see that he made over 4,500.00 in one trade. To be honest this is totally possible in Forex if you have a system in place and your psychological aspect is ready for it. When I say it is ready for it I mean that you will not freak out and close the trade before your profit, or will start to recover all your lost trades with new bigger trades which is the biggest mistake in trading.


When I say all this I know it for real since I talked to many profitable traders who are there for you and are there to teach you like in any real job you need good training.


Many profitable traders know little secrets which can save your account and bring you profits from just doing nothing. When I say this it means that not entering a losing trade is also a winner. Anyway – about Russ Horn. He is a great teacher and person to talk to.




After you have a talk to him or teach one of his systems you feel confident that you can win this game, and this is very important when it comes to trading, the confidence in your actions, in your plan and everything you are going to do with your trade


Following a trading plan is very important for your long term profits. Unless you have a lot of account to blow away on Forex you are welcome to do that without a plan 🙂


Now Russ also shares proof of his system and this is very important so you can see what we are talking about. In Forex it is very important to have experience. In experience you gain confidence and psychological tests over your trades.


From my side Russ is a real deal, and this is not his first system, the previous systems also are a great deal and have good feedback, which is very important in Forex Trading.

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