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Free Trading Strategy from Toshko Raychev


Toshko Raychev is giving away a nice and interesting system based on the following


The actual MACD sign may be used in various methods, however the most typical technique, and also the 1 he or she utilized in their screening, may be the crossover. We utilized 2 kinds of crossovers during my assessments

a) MACD Collection as well as Transmission Collection crossover

b) MACD Histogram as well as Absolutely no Collection crossover



BUY SIGNAL: MACD Line crosses over the Signal Line
SELL SIGNAL: MACD Line crosses below the Signal Line


Mentionened above previously within the Strategy area, the very first group of assessments had been completed with indicators just. Which means whenever a purchase transmission happens, the purchase industry is going to be joined.

The actual industry is going to be shut once the reverse transmission, we. at the. market transmission happens. Like a purchase industry is actually shut, a brand new market industry is actually open up. Then your market industry is going to be shut once the brand new purchase transmission happens as well as an additional purchase industry is going to be opened up.


Toshko Sell Trade Example


He analyzed all this over a long period of time to understand which works better and which are not working at all and why some timeframes are really working better then others, all this is done using a very detailed scientific analyses which you can easily see in the report he provides


We are able to visit a couple of points through these types of outcomes:


1. The actual time-frame using the greatest earn portion may be the H4 (4 Hour), then H1 (1 Hour) time-frame

two. Probably the most lucrative time-frame may be the H4, then the actual H1 time-frame

3. The cheapest drawdown is actually about the H1, adopted bythe H4 time-frame




In the fundamental assessments Used to do, we are able to obviously observe that the actual MACD provides all of us the very best outcomes about the greater timeframes, such as the H1, H4 as well as D1 and also the MACD Histogram crossover versus. Absolutely no Collection creates the more healthy revenue. This is extremely important whenever we begin to construct our bodies.



Following viewing the outcomes associated with putting the actual deals 1 following the additional, We attempted screening exactly the same technique once again, just this time around along with using an end Reduction (SL) along with a Consider Profit(TP). Optimized Cease Deficits as well as Consider Earnings enhanced the outcomes significantly



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