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Trading Rules from Michael Nurok – Forex Precog System


Michael Nurok claims he makes many people reach – but is it really like that? we advice you to take a closer look to his system and indicator he shared for everybody, below we have some interesting information from his report you can download at the link below.


“Price always experiences pullbacks in overall trend moves”.

Even in the strongest trends, price, does not move in a linear fashion.




It is constantly experiencing corrections or “pullbacks” in the market as price is affected by opposing forces and profit taking.




Therefore, it’s important to position your stops at levels that are not going to be taken out if you are already in the trade. However with this system, you can take advantage of these pullbacks by entering positions after the pullback has occurred, giving you an opportunity to minimize your risk while giving yourself an excellent opportunity to scalp pips out of the market as the price continues to move in the overall direction that has already been established.




It’s this awareness of how the market continually corrects during trends, and this system that identifies entry points with a high probability of success. It also provided me with the opportunity to scalp pips from the market with very little risk exposure to my account.


This system can generate excellent trade opportunities for you that you can take advantage of time and time again. Check it out for yourself.


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