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The Secret Strategy about Forex Trend Directive Vlad did not tell you

You’ve all already know who is Vladimir Ribakov with his new system called Forex Gemini Code. Now what we have found out is that he gives us again a new system called “Forex Trend Directive” which is again at no-cost without asking anything in return. As we can see this is really strange that he is giving away so much free stuff – but to tell you – I am happy of this times and will try to benefit at maximum from it.



I will use my time to download and test this if it really works as they say – if that is true then I will be more then happy to take my money and pay Vladimir for his product and go ahead and test all of that Forex Femini Code System.


Forex Trend Directive Secret Trade


If you remember there was also another system + indicator he gave a way – called Dynamic Triple Edge. I compared both of them and to tell you – they kind of can be used together and they complement each other quite eady – without any complications I could easily combine these 2 systems and go ahead with my trading plan


Now for you I will recomend to give it a try and see how it comes with your trading style. If that compliment it then you are in a lucky spot and could consider that you found your teacher that could teach you a lot of things.




You could also have a dilema to find which one works best. But you could also check his interview and see what he also been doing arround and what you could do next. Or if you have your own personal questions you can ask them directly at his webinar which you can again join at no cost.


And yes – forgot to mention – if you want some cool gifts you can get them easily by commenting on his questions. He likes giving away free stuff. Just listen what this man has to say.


If you will listen carefully you learn the secrets behind being a profitable trader and a hedge fund manager and how you can become successful doing that.



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