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The Secret Behind Michael Nurok Forex Trading Strategy


Just took a look at Michael Nurok Strategy called Forex Precog, and here is what I want to share with you


1. Even if you are a beginner you can find enough information to start your Forex trading and be profitable, just make sure to read the strategy in such a way that you will remember it



2. Trend is your Friend. You want that or not – this is part of any strategy and you need to learn how to recognize that. Using Forex Precog Ribbon and Precog Predictor will be easier to recognize that.



3. If you want to make cash like never before start looking at the trades within trend. Basically you will learn what is the next move when there is a trend, when it changes the direction and so on. The trend trades could be in many time-frames. Or a trade within a trend which is inside the trend.


4. You will have to wait for several different time-frames to all agree where the market is headed before entering the trade. It is important to have multiple confirmation, this way you will loose less money and increase your profit.



5. Swing Trade Trends – you will know how to spot them and how to profit from them while you are waiting for you main trade. Swings in the direction of the trend will be the one which will help you achieve profitability.


6. Trading different time-frames using only 1 chart. in order for you not to have so many charts you are goign to learn this and use only 1 chart. Forex PrecogHTF will help you doing that.


Good luck in your trading.


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