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Real Results of Forex Gemini Code from Vladimir Ribakov

Was lucky enough to get a copy of Forex Gemini Code from Vladimir Ribakov for his new system called Forex Gemini Code – to tell you honestly I was expecting something more from it. But let me cut to chase and show you what I have.


Before that let me tell you about him. Vladimir Ribakov is one the few traders who will tell you exactly what to expect from market and what are your real chances to succeed – not just some crazy hype by doubling your account every week – if that would be possible he will not be teaching all this stuff.




He will tell you the exact what to expect from market and when you can win an not, he has very good reputation and you can verify a lot of his track records online – to be honest there are not many traders who will show you his records over time – most of them will show you only some profitable results. Anyway – below is a screenshot of some trade we took and then I will just tell you the results.


Forex Gemini Code Preview


The profit I got from using this system is around 20-30% per month – which is really good for traders – especially if you are consistent it is more then enough to get you reach and provide the necessary income over time. Now I was expecting to have around 50% but after this I realized that is way too much and there are very little chances to do that



Anyway – I am happy with the product – he knows what he is talking about and he is more then willing to share his experience with you. Since he is so successful in hedge fund trading you should know that he is trading with thousands of dollars daily – and this is not an easy way to do that. It all comes from practice and you should be ready to loose your temper when it is not working for you. If you want to be as profitable as him and increase your win rate make sure to follow his advices promptly


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