About Russ Horn

Is Russ Horn a real person or just another Forex SCAM?


Let me tell you few things and after this you will understand if Russ is a real deal or just another SCAM:


Russ has 15+ years of trading experience and is more then willing to teach others, he even makes new systems available for free for anyone who do not believe him.


For example this new system called SRT Profit – a simple and easy to use for any trader, even a beginer can master it within hours. And all this because of few simple things:

Russ explains very nice everything and very clear to everyone, with lots of examples and live trades, not just some information without any proof.


If you would like to know how it is to be toughed by Russ you can download it’s free system anytime, check it for yourself and see his explanation style, his way of dealing with support and so on – check what are the most important points for you so you know what to expect from him.




I guess you are tired of all these get reach schemes and now you should know that what is most important for you is learning how to it right, you can start by using this free system or just his Forex Income Boss system, whichever you want.


Now is the time to transform yourself in the successful trader you wanted to be. Opening your charts daily with good trades and good results.


From inside I found that this system was originally created to be sold, but in the end Russ said that is not about the money, it is about the people who want to become real traders.


Russ Horn helped over 7,120 traders and is more then happy to help you as well in your Forex journey to become a successful trader.

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