1Q Dynamic Trader Workshop

 Dynamic Trader Workshop Download

A real multi media experience comes with Robert Miner’s Dynamic Trader Workshop. The video contains a bar by bar ” what do you do now?”live screen recordings, easy to understand material, quizzes at the end of each section, integrates the latest technology in learning and more that makes it not your ordinary workshop.


This Power point recording is but an advanced learning experience incorporating the latest in multimedia and accelerated learning techniques. You will be able to experience a true multimedia way with Robert Miner’s video instruction. Notetaking is not necessary as it comes with a comprehensive support material.

They use futures, ForEx. Stock and ETF examples of almost different time frame throughout the course. Here, the author points out the reasons why most traders failed. He will teach you with a step by step, unique trading approach that you could develop a complete trade plan. That includes entry, initial stop loss, profit targets, multiple unit trading and more.

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